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The Pharaoh's Daughter CA: A Treasures of the N...
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You will be called Anippe, daughter of the Nile. Do you like it? Without waiting for a reply, she pulls me into her squishy, round tummy for a hug. I'm trying not to cry. Pharaoh's daughters don't cry. When we make our way down the tiled hall, I try to stop at ummi Kiya's chamber. I know her spirit has flown, yet I long for one more moment. Amenia pushes me past so I keep walking and don't look back. Like the waters of the Nile, I will flow. Anippe has grown up in the shadows of Egypt's good god Pharaoh, aware that Anubis, god of the afterlife, may take her or her siblings at any moment. She watched him snatch her mother and infant brother during childbirth, a moment that awakened in her a terrible dread of ever bearing a child. Now she is to be become the bride of Sebak, a kind but quick-tempered Captain of Pharaoh Tut's army. In order to provide Sebak the heir he deserves yet protect herself from the underworld gods, Anippe must launch a series of deceptions, even involving the Hebrew midwives - women ordered by Tut to drown the sons of their own people in the Nile. When she finds a baby floating in a basket on the great river, Anippe believes Egypt's gods have answered her pleas, entrenching her more deeply in deception and placing her and her son, Mehy, whom handmaiden Miriam calls Moses, in mortal danger. As bloodshed and savage politics shift the balance of power in Egypt, the gods reveal their fickle natures, and Anippe wonders if her son, a boy of Hebrew blood, could one day become king. Or does the god of her Hebrew servants, the one they call El Shaddai, have a different plan - for them all? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Robin Miles. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Praying in the Spirits of Just Men
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Drawing on the word of God and stories of some spiritual elites coupled with his few years of experience, Kenneth Benjamin offers messages that will rekindle your faith and help you launch to the new frontiers of prayer so that you can claim territories for Jesus in line with the great commission for His worldwide agenda. This book answers the questions about the following: * Relationships between prayer and fasting * Levels of fasting * Physiological effects of fasting * Challenges of the praying man * The spirits of just men * The spirit of Elijah, Moses, Joshua, and Christ Jesus Kenneth has filled this book with inspiring topics that will fire up your zeal for intercessorial deliverance prayer not only for your families but for people in troubled nations around the world.

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