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Shu Uemura - Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Oil In Loti...
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Brand from Japan: Shu Uemura. Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin, quality skincare product is the key for the best makeup finish. As an oil expert, shu uemura continues the ultime8 kegend with the launch of two innovative oil treatments. That envelop skin in cocooning sensation for ageless beauty. The specially tailored formula targets 8 different skin concerns for cashmere touch skin. 3 aging-care acives support ageless beauty: enhances skin firmness, stimulates collagen expression and keep skin dermis supple. 8 precious oils keep nourishing your skin, make your skin moisturized and supple all the time. How to use: After cleansing take an appropriate amount (2-3ml) and apply gently on the skin.

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